Water softeners in Bruton

The beautiful South Somerset town of Bruton in the Brue Valley is both charming and picturesque and is steeped in history. The 15th century Packhorse Bridge, St Mary’s Church, and the Patwell Pump are just a few of the town’s attractions.

Because this region suffers from hard water and high levels of limescale, we have been fitting numerous water softeners in Bruton to combat the undesirable effects that hard water and limescale has on Bruton’s residents and businesses.

Most of the water in the Bruton area comes from underground sources and contains different minerals which make the water naturally hard. Limescale is formed when hard water is heated, and scale deposits are often seen around taps and basins, in kettles, and on glassware and crockery. Limescale may also have a negative effect on pipes, central heating systems, dishwashers and washing machines.

Our water softeners in Bruton ensure that all appliances that use hot water will stay free from scale.

The TwinTec S3 Block Salt Water Softener, which is non-electric and easily fits under the kitchen sink, has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, is a popular choice for our Bruton customers who require an efficient and easily maintained water softener.

As soon as you have a water softener fitted, you will appreciate the difference it makes to your home. A water softener will remove any existing scale build-up from your appliances, and your central heating system will be more efficient and cost-effective. Hair will be shinier and skin will be softer, and water softeners are also beneficial for those sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. Water softeners ensure that bathrooms stay free from unsightly scale build-up around taps, baths and showerheads, and harsh cleaning products will be a thing of the past. Indeed, our customers in Bruton have noticed they spend less money on cleaning products, descaling products, soap and shampoo, following the installation of a water softener.

With over 30 years experience and knowledge of water softeners and drinking water products, Bath and West Water Softeners, a family-owned business, are proud to offer unrivalled sales and after care service to the town of Bruton.

For water softeners and installers in Bruton, please request a quotation, or contact us today to book a home survey to discover the difference a water softener could make to your home.

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