Water softeners in Chippenham

Chippenham has been a regular place to visit for us recently! We’ve installed four water softeners in Kington Langley alone just in the last couple of weeks.

As Chippenham residents, we take pride in our charming town’s history and beautiful natural surroundings such as the Bird’s Marsh. Our proximity to both London and Bath is enviable. Even King Alfred the Great knew this was the best place to build his hunting lodge thanks to the abundant woodlands.

Since our town of Chippenham receives the majority of its water from underground sources, the water is generally hard. Three local rock formations are to blame: the Cotswolds Oolitic limestone, the West Wiltshire Greensand, and the Salisbury Plain/Dorset Downs Chalk. Medical experts say that hard water is not dangerous to our health, but it causes limescale deposits in hot water systems and kettles, it effects soap’s ability to lather, and can cause floating white scum to appear. A water softener is the best way to reduce water hardness and counteract its effects.

We at Bath and West Water Softeners are water softener installers for Chippenham. We are proud to supply our customers with top of the range TwinTec S3 block salt non-electric water softeners. The units are designed and made in England and fully tested. The TwinTec S3 fits under the sink and the double tank design ensures that soft water is always available. We provide repair and maintenance service for our units, as well as block salt delivery to Chippenham and surrounding communities. So far we have installed many water softeners in Chippenham. With over 30 years in the business, we have the knowledge and experience to provide unrivalled sales and after care services to our customers.

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