Water softeners in Corsham

A pretty Wiltshire town with some intriguing medieval roots, Corsham is an appealing place for both locals and visitors. Famous for its characteristic local stone (Corsham limestone), it is partly the location of the town over a rich limestone seam which has led to the hard water problem which homeowners and businesses have to contend with on a daily basis. The slightly acidic nature of rain causes it to gradually leach particles of the limestone bedrock into local rivers and streams, which in turn form a key source of water for Corsham. Inevitably this means that tap water contains a far higher concentration of minerals than is found in most other parts of the country.

For Corsham inhabitants, hard water means difficulty in obtaining sufficient lather when washing or doing the laundry. Often far greater amounts of cleaning product are required to produce a satisfactory result. Not only does this result in an increased household cleaning bill, but cleaning products often have a deleterious effect on the local environment, which increases as the amount used rises. Mineral build up in pipes and machinery exposed to water means that white goods have reduced longevity and require more frequent repair than usual. Hard water causes considerable expense and inconvenience in the town, which is why many residents are turning to water softeners in Corsham.

Local water softener installers Corsham based can provide a discreet, affordable softener which instantly ensures a supply of de-mineralised water suitable for home use. Units are designed to be hidden away under the sink, ensuring that the visual appeal of your kitchen isn’t compromised by the softener’s presence. The units require little maintenance other than the addition of salt and don’t need a separate power supply. If you want to reduce your bills for the replacement of white goods and the purchase of cleaning products then a water softener makes excellent financial sense.

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