Water softeners in Devizes

Situated in the county of Wiltshire, Devizes is a market town home to hundreds of listed buildings and is central to a number of shops and banks. Once a week, a busy market place is set-up that sells fresh produce and meats.

However, it is the history that attracts a lot of visitors to this civil parish. The many Georgian listed buildings paints a picture of a town rich in heritage, and a 19th century Victorian fortification found at the heart of Devizes only adds to this.

The Water Quality in Devizes

Like any town near the coast, the water supply in Devizes is considered hard. The reason for this is that the water collected at the aquifers that supply this town has percolated through limestone, introducing calcium and magnesium in the process.

For residents in Devizes, this has posed a problem for a long time; hard water promotes limescale and reduces the efficiency of boilers. Fortunately, the water softening technology available today means these problems can be a thing of the past.

The Benefits of using Water Softeners

A hard water supply can result in marks and limescale on baths, sinks and taps. Limescale, in particular, can affect the function of water systems by building up over time, in combination with soap, to cause blockages and inefficiencies. Once a water softener is installed in a home, these problems are eradicated. No longer will there be a need for harsh scrubbing and expensive cleaning products to remove limescale. On top of this, soft water has a greater foaming action, meaning soaps and other cleaning products will last longer.

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Before we install water softeners in Devizes, our installers provide a free consultation for answering questions, giving advice and assessing the layout to a house.

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