Water softeners in Keynsham

The waterways around the Bristol area have a deserved reputation for ferocity: Bristol is the reputed home of one Edward Teach, otherwise known as Blackbeard. This reputation also extends to the local waterways themselves; the tidal stretch of the River Avon below Keynsham has a massive tidal variance of 50ft. This river also drains into the Severn estuary, the second fastest-flowing tidal estuary in the world after the Yangtze Delta.

Amidst these tempestuous waterways, Bristol’s Floating Harbour keeps a constant level and provides a home for Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s SS Great Britain, another maritime masterpiece. The local area is also high in volcanic activity, and ‘taking the waters’ of nearby Bath Spa is reputed to have many health benefits.

However, these factors have a severe disadvantage for homeowners: the extremely ‘hard’ calcium-rich water that supplies homes in the area. For many people living in Keynsham , washed fabrics are often scratchy and covered in white, chalky streaks. Local children often complain of skin conditions believed to be caused by the domestic water, and many homes have been blighted by costly repair bills to domestic appliances.

Hard water in the local area results in limescale which reduces the internal diameter of water pipes, also buillding up within diswashers, washing machines and boilers. This reduces their efficiency, leading to increased operating costs and eventually resulting in complete breakdown.

People with water softeners in Keynsham are impressed with the transformation in the water quality: soap lathers properly and washing is soft and streak-free. Children’s hair and skin are less irritated after washing, and the softness of the water leads to softer, cleaner hair and skin.

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