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Do you know if you have a hard water supply? Almost invariably, home owners in the attractive town of Malmesbury and the surrounding area obtain their water from sources which flow through the rich limestone deposits which are a prominent part of Wiltshire’s geology. Inevitably a large amount of mineral particles remain suspended in the local water even after purification treatment, leading to hard water. Whilst a high mineral content in water has no health implications, it can cause considerable inconvenience.

Typical signs of hard water include an unpleasant build-up of hard deposits on the inside of kettles or other white goods with a heating element directly in contact with the water. Often water is cloudy when first poured from the tap, with deposits gradually settling to the bottom of a jug or glass. You may notice that you need more soap or laundry detergent to obtain a satisfactory result than you do when visiting a soft water area. White goods will need more frequent maintenance than usual, as they become blocked with detrimental mineral deposits. If you notice any of these issues are causing you difficulties, then calling in skilled water softener installers Malmesbury based could be the answer.

Water softeners in Malmesbury are used by many people to tackle the problem of excess minerals in their water. The units are straight-forward to use, automatically removing the majority of particles before the water comes out of your tap. Units are relatively small and run without the need for frequent adjustment or maintenance. All work is fully guaranteed and once in place a water softener can often provide decades of useful service. Using a water softener frequently improves the taste of hot drinks, removing the chalky taste which can commonly occur. Cold drinks appear clearer and don’t have the unpleasant “gritty” texture when the last few sips are taken. White goods last longer and you may find your central heating doesn’t need servicing as frequently. With so many benefits it’s unsurprising that more and more people are enjoying the advantages a water softener can bring.

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