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Bath and West Water Softeners have thirty years of experience in the industry, during this time we have supplied and installed many water softeners in Melksham and the surrounding area. As the West of England is known to have particularly hard water, home owners and businesses alike can experience a variety of problems relating to the undissolved minerals in their supply. Pipes may become blocked with scale, clothing can retain a residue after washing and bathing can cause skin irritation in some people.

An effective solution is a professionally fitted water softener; in the short-term this will immediately begin to alleviate the cosmetic effects of hard water, such as unsightly lime scale marks on sinks or baths. In the long-term, it will extend the life of household appliances like washing machines, as it will not block pipe work. Similarly, with clean pipes the life of heating systems is extended and the unit can work more efficiently.

Although the county is landlocked, water is an ever present part of life in Wiltshire. The River Avon flows through Melksham on a bed of chalk, a porous material which leaves deposits of calcium carbonate in the water. The creatures that live in and around the Avon are supported by this mineral, making it rich in both flora and fauna. Indeed there are many conservation areas, in particular the Avon Gorge which is home to some species which are not found anywhere else in the world and is a designated site of scientific interest.

The residents of Melksham once enjoyed a fully functioning spa built on the site of two underground springs, much like those in nearby Bath. The project began in 1815 but its popularity waned due to having such a hugely successful neighbour. However, the buildings which housed the attraction still exist today in the south of town and are known as The Spa.

If you live locally and are looking for reliable water softener installers in Melksham, please give Bath and West Water Softeners a call, our excellent customer service team will be pleased to hear from you and provide any advice you need.

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