Water softeners in Mere

The historic town of Mere is a very popular place to live and has a great selection of houses both old and new. Residents are lucky enough to be in easy reach of the countryside, in particular the White Sheet Nature Sheet. It is the chalky soil that gives local landscapes such diversity, however the chalk can bring other consequences – hard water.

If you live in the Mere area, then you might find that your water leaves limescale deposits in your kettle and even in your washing machine. One way to alleviate this problem is to fit a water softener. Bath and West Water Softeners Ltd are a firm who install water softeners in Mere and the surrounding area. They have thirty years experience of working in the local area and have many satisfied customers in the region.

Mere’s history includes a visit from King Charles II, who rested here after being defeated at battle in Winchester in 1651. The church of St Michael the Archangel has an unusual 10 misericords, some dating back as far as the 15th century. This rich history is just part of Mere’s appeal to families. The handy location at the edge of both Somerset and Dorset makes it handy for commuters to either county. If you live in Mere, then you won’t need to be told what a pleasant town it is to live in.

One way to improve your home is to ensure that your water is free of the unfortunate effects of the hard water often found in Mere. Water softener installers in Mere can fit a device under your sink to transform previously hard water and prevent limescale build up in your appliances. Bath and West Water Softeners can come out and do a survey to see if your home would benefit from a water softener and to give you more information. Their technicians can help you choose the best water softener for your water supply and they also provide repair and maintenance.

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