Water softeners in Shaftesbury

One of the interesting aspects of Shaftesbury is the fact that it is located within a geologic area that is predominantly defined by chalk and a substance known as greensand. Therefore, one would imagine that any water would be filtered quite substantially before entering into the local aquifer. However, it is also one of the oldest towns in Britain (perhaps dating back to Celtic times). Therefore, many man-made factors need to be taken into account such as local pollution, industrialisation and the construction of major transportation systems.

Indeed, the historic nature of this town has much to do with the need for water softeners here. Many of the buildings are quite old and some were even constructed from limestone that was salvaged from Shaftesbury Abbey. This can not only be seen in their walls and foundations, but with the presence of thatched roofs. While this may very well be a visually appealing benefit, it is also a fact that plumbing systems can be quite old and suffer as a result. For example, materials such as calcium and magnesium are able to become dissolved into the water. This produces two undesirable results. First, the taste will be quite harsh and even bitter. Secondly, a buildup of such minerals can contribute to limescale and in certain situations, the clogging of filters and the narrowing of pipes. So, it is apparent that there is a very real need for water softeners in Shaftesbury. Not only will this service provide palatable drinking water for the entire family, but the chances of any residue causing problems in the future will be greatly reduced.

If you feel that you may be suffering from these common situations, please do not hesitate to contact Bath & West Water Softeners for further details and to understand how we may be able to help the situation.

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