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Set in the tranquil surroundings of the Wylye valley, Warminster is a pretty little market town which has been around since Saxon times, if not before. A thriving local economy and picturesque streets make the location a pleasant place to live and work, as well as providing an attractive destination for tourists. Unfortunately much of the town is located on chalk downland, which inevitably means that the local water supply contains a relatively high concentration of calcium carbonate (chalk). Whilst this poses no health risk, the presence of large amounts of particulate matter in household water supplies causes considerable inconvenience and expense to homes and businesses in the local area.

If left unchecked, chalky deposits commonly build up in any household machinery which uses water. Washing machines, kettles, heating systems and boilers can all end up with their internal pipes and fixings coated in chalk. This not only rapidly decreases their efficiency and increases the number of times they break down (resulting in costly repairs and the need for more frequent servicing) but in many cases white goods need replacing far sooner than they would otherwise have done. In addition the white, cloudy appearance of chalky water gives it an unappealing look, which can make sticking to the current health guidelines on the need to drink plenty of water a challenge.

Luckily water softeners in Warminster are making a positive difference to the water supplies of many domestic properties. Water softener installers Warminster wide can easily and discreetly fit a unit under your sink which will soften your water before it reaches any machinery. Drinking water will flow clear from the tap, providing a visually appealing beverage which is immensely inviting. Once in place, a water softener is extremely easy to maintain, requiring only a little salt periodically to keep it working well. The softeners don’t require an additional power supply and their straight-forward, robust construction ensures that failure is extremely rare. With so many advantages in terms of cost, convenience and comfort, it’s little wonder so many people in Warminster have installed a water softener in their property.

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