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Effects Of Hard Water On Your Hair and Skin

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

At Bath and West Water Softeners, we think that hard water is the enemy of beautiful hair and skin. So take away dry skin at bath time with a water softener.

water softener skin benefits

Your hair and skin are shouting for help.

Have you ever experienced dry frizzy hair, that doesn't want to play. You end up buying multiple hair products to try and gain glorious soft hair. As well as suffering from itchy skin even though you plaster yourself in thick creams?

Well, it is probably down to the hard water that comes from your shower and tap. If you're in a hard water area, you will notice the limescale around your bathroom and kitchen, including your kettle. It can play havoc with eczema, from the minerals in hard water which have shown to make skin more sensitive to irritation. When researchers used a water softener in their study they found that softened water could reduce these negative effects. It could even lower the risk of eczema developing in the first place. For people living with chronic skin conditions this research could be a game changer. Hard water has allot to answer for!

By removing the potentially harmful minerals found in hard water, you and your family can benefit from pure, softened water which is better for the condition of your skin and your hair as well as all of the appliances within your household.

If you'd like more information on getting a water softener install at your home, please contact us here.

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