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Meet the TwinTec S4 Water Softener


Non electric, efficient and compact enough to fit under the kitchen sink. Guaranteed softened water for your home and family.

All of our water softener systems come with a with a 10 year guarantee as standard. We are so confident you will not experience any problems and will enjoy the soft water the TwinTec S4 supplies. We're very proud of the quality of our product, Many of the water softeners we installed 10-20 years ago are still in their home and working well.

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The NEW TwinTec Cobalt Water Softener


The most eco-friendly water softener on the market – the NEW Twintec Cobalt is made from 62% recycled materials, with a new robust cabinet reducing our plastic usage by 38%.

A TwinTec eliminates limescale from your home and is compact enough to fit under your kitchen sink. It’s non-electric and only regenerates when necessary, saving energy and lowering running costs. Rigorously tested to over 1 million cycles at our factory, you have the confidence it is the most reliable water softener.


Enjoy luxuriously softened water all day, every day.

TwinTec Cobalt Water Softer
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About the Softener


Softened water 24/7

Our water softeners are one of the smallest and most compact available – and versatile enough to fit into most places around the home.

The most common place is near to where your mains water supply enters the home, this is usually under the kitchen sink. 

We recommend a free survey by one of our water softener experts to ensure you get the best solution for your home.

The water flow will then pass through the softener and your entire home will feel the benefits of softened water.

Softener Range

Softener Range 

Soft Water Bypass


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