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9 packs of 8kg bags. (min order)


Block salt is an essential element of the water softener; it maintains efficiency. Water softeners remove the minerals in hard water by catching them in the resin within your water softener. The build-up of minerals in the needs to be flushed out regularly and so your water softener 'regenerates'. Your water softener regenerates one cylinder at a time: the amount of water passing through the first cylinder is measured by a water meter and when enough water has passed through, the second cylinder takes over. Meanwhile, the first cylinder regenerates by flushing out this mineral using a mixture of soft water and sodium (salt).

All you need to do to keep this process running smoothly is refill your softener's salt every few weeks using Twintec block salt, which is much easier to handle than loose salt. Simply slot the required amount of block salt into the device at a set time.

Block Salt for Water Softeners x 9 packs

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