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Service & Maintenance

Make your water softer work smart


We are the leading water softener supplier in the South West, providing servicing, maintenance and repair to all types of water softeners. 

Kinetico , Kinetic Pro Compact, Infinity, Infinity T4, TwinTec S1, TwinTec S2, TwinTec S3, TwinTec S4, TwinTec XL2, TwinTec XXL, Harvey HV3, MiniMax, MiniMax M2, Crown, Monarch, Hague.

We maintain and service not only water softeners we have supplied but also we provide maintenance and repairs on a wide range of water softeners including; 

Service and maintenance request 

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If you would like to register your interest for a service, maintenance check or repair on your existing water softener, please fill in the details below. 

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