We are a family business based in Radstock, Somerset. With over 20 years experience selling water softeners and drinking water products with full support aftercare,  including block salt sales and delivery.


Offering a vast wealth of knowledge and experience on all matters to do with the softening and purifying of domestic water.


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What is a
Water Softener?

The benefits of soft water

water Softener

Just wanted to say what a fantastic job you've done. It's worked a treat, good water pressure, already noticing the benefits of softened water.

Jan Eldekvist

We want to ensure all our customers fully understand the TwinTec and Infinity Water Softener. A member of our team will make an appointment come to your home to access how the water softener will work within your home and your existing plumbing. So you can have full peace of mind the water softener will work sufficiently within your home.  

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Don't suffer from the effects of hard water

keep your home and your family limescale free

Buy Salt and Washing powder for your Water Softener

Bath & West water softeners.

Radstock, Nr Bath, Somerset

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Tel: 01761 439 110


Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm

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